The First of November

I could start this post off by saying what we’re all thinking… something about This year is going by so fast!! or What happened to October? or I can’t believe there’s only 54 days until Christmas!! etc. etc. (Too soon on the Christmas remark?) Instead I’ll just jump right in and say a few things about what November is bringing this year!

  • A sugar hangover. Much to my disappointment, we didn’t get very many trick or treaters yesterday… which means I ate a lot of candy as a coping mechanism to our house’s rejection. (I felt a bit like Claire Dunphy in this year’s Halloween episode. Minus the Little Bo Peep costume.) Let’s just say we’ve got candy for days.
  • A gym membership. Now that holiday season is upon us, and it’s getting too cold to run outside (at least, too cold for me), gotta stay in shape somehow!
  • Christmas music. Oh yes. It’s started. And I’m not even sorry.
  • Fall cleaning. Yeah, not spring cleaning. Fall cleaning. My office is a horribly embarrassing disaster slightly unkept, and I’m making a vow that by the end of this month, our house and my office in particular will finally be organized!
  • Catching up. Lots and lots of catching up on all of the wonderful weddings and shoots I’ve had the privilege of documenting this fall! I’ve been crazy busy with sessions and traveling and family visiting, and while it’s been awesome, now I’m finally looking forward to settling in and getting some serious editing done!

So here’s to hoping you all had a fun and safe Halloween last night, that November is a relaxing yet productive month for everyone! (Is that even possible? I’m going to pretend it’s possible.)

And seriously, if you didn’t get enough of a candy fix yesterday, come to my house. Full size Twix and Snickers, anyone?!

Music Monday

Jake and I were given this really great pizza stone at our wedding, and it’s really come in handy as of late. We’ve been using it all the time. (And no, not JUST for pizza.) In fact, we’ve been using it so much that it’s gotten quite dirty these past couple weeks. (Well, ok, it has been a lot of pizza.)

We also recently got a new oven. Which is great for cooking all that pizza. So much so, that there are a fair share of cheese mounds on the bottom from bubbling over said pizzas. What does that leave us with? A dirty pizza stone and a dirty oven. And what do you do when you have a dirty pizza stone and oven? Well, the logical thing to do would be clean them. Right?

At least, that’s what we thought. So we shut the pizza stone in the oven, locked the door, and set it to self clean. I was excited not only because it meant we’d have a clean oven and stone, but also because it was particularly chilly the evening we decided to do it, and I knew the oven getting a million and one degrees would give a little extra heat to the house, too. Jake was excited because he had heard the oven gets so hot that the stone can set on fire. (Men, I tell ya.) So we pushed the self-clean button, sat down on the couch with our dinner trays (yes, dinner was pizza), and turned on the latest episodes of New Girl. Jake would get up every few minutes to see if stone was on fire, but after checking about 5 times, he gave up.

Well, about an episode and half later, we suddenly realize it’s gotten extremely hazy. Confused, we turn around to find the source of the haze, and it’s COMING FROM THE OVEN.

Not just haze, either… SMOKE is now pouring out of the oven faster than my dogs chasing their favorite ball down a field (which is fast, in case you were wondering). Jake ran over and looked inside to find the pizza stone fully engulfed in flames. After being momentarily thrilled, he realized the house was still filling with smoke. In an attempt to let the smoke out but continue the cleaning, we threw open all the windows and turned on all the fans. (So much for warming up the house.) Next thing we know, the fire alarm begins screaming at us. Using an old trick my mom taught me, I grabbed a towel and started waving it violently back and forth in front of the fire alarm in an attempt to clear the smoke. It stopped, but only for about 10 seconds. As soon as I quit waving the towel, the alarm started blaring again. I continued to wave the towel around for a couple minutes, at which point my arms began screaming at me as well. Then my eyes started to sting from the smoke. Soon after, my futile attempts at the fire alarm/towel trick stopped working altogether. Jake came up the stairs, looked around at the smoke, looked at me wildly waving my arms, and then said loudly over the ring of the fire alarm, “At least we know it works!” And then we did the only thing you can do in a situation like that… we died laughing.

In the end, we finally just turned the oven off. It took a while for the smoke to clear out enough that we could close the windows. And then house smelled like smoke for about a day and a half. And neither the oven or pizza stone were totally cleaned. Definitely not the most conventional way to test your fire alarm. But laughing for a good half hour with your husband about how ridiculous of a situation you got yourselves into? Yep, I’d test it that way again. Every time.

And on that note, here’s a mellow little number to get your week off to a cheerful start!

Happy Monday :)

Park City Mountain Resort Anytime: (Senior) Katy

Today I get to share some pictures of the gorgeous miss Katy! She’s a senior from the Winter Sports School in Park City, and she’s actually graduating in just a few weeks! So awesome. The reason she goes to the Winter Sports School? She just happens to be an incredible ski racer! Katy’s pretty legit. In fact, she got us permission to drive up on to Park City Mountain Resort for her pictures! Like I said, legit ;) We headed over to CB’s, a run where she’s spent more than one chilly winter day racing down the mountain. (And by more than one I mean hundreds!) It was so awesome be up there and see it covered in glowing light and yellow leaves, instead of seeing it covered with snow and skiers. Quite a different feel!  Plus, I got take pictures of Katy, which made it that much better :) Enjoy a few favorites from her lovely session!

Katy, I had sooo much fun with you!! Thanks for trekking around the mountainside with me and spending some time in front of my camera! (Even though it was kind of a workout… haha :) I hope you love your photos, and that they will always bring back good memories of spending so much time at PCMR. And I hope that this winter is your best one yet :) XO

A sunny evening, a chairlift with a view, and a beautiful senior… yep, I loved everything about this session!

Katy, you have THE sweetest smile :) 

So lovely…

Her dog rode in the truck all the way up the mountain, so of course we had to grab a few with Hoku :)


Seriously Katy?! So pretty!!


Although I love this one, too!

For the last few she changed into an outfit she rocks on a daily basis. Love it :)

I’ll finish up with this beautiful smile!

Happy weekend everyone!

Kali - November 4, 2012 - 8:12 am

these are GORGEOUS Carissa! Beautiful lighting and a beautiful model! :)

Camera Shy

If the worst part of leaving is saying goodbye, the best part of coming back is the hello. Particularly, the hello I receive from the four legged and furry faced members in our household. Their wagging tails and sloppy tongues are a warm welcome home after 30+ hours of travel. Zuka even sang extra loudly for me. Quite the ruckus. I’m pretty sure they missed me. Until, that is, I pulled out my camera.

As much as I hate to admit it, my dogs are a bit camera shy. Or maybe they just dislike sitting still as opposed to chasing leaves and barking at squirrels. If they had it their way, my guess is they’d want to do anything BUT pose for a picture. (I already feel bad for my future children and the massive amount of photoshoots they will have to endure.) Unfortunately, they’re stuck with me. And I’m kind of proud of my pups. So they get lots of pictures taken…

Considering the leaves are almost gone here, I figured it was time for a little autumn portrait of the dogs!

I tried to get a picture of the three of them together, but Frisky is getting a bit too deaf and blind to understand the stay command… Which results in pictures by himself walking towards me because he won’t sit still. But he never stops smiling. Gotta love my old little old man :) 

Hope everyone has a lovely Monday!

Friday Fun Facts

After an incredible time in Bali, I got home last night and am officially back in the office as of today! It’s kind of funny to come back to chilly 50 degree weather after being in 85+ degrees and extreme humidity for a week. My body doesn’t know what to think. But my hair is thanking me… My lion’s mane was a little out of control in Bali… Ha. I’ll leave it at that. I’ve got lots of pretty pictures from the trip that I can’t wait to share soon, but until then, I thought I’d kick off the weekend with a fresh batch of Friday Fun Facts! This isn’t just any Fun Facts post, though. This post is the Bali edition!! In case you ever get the chance to go there, you’ll be all prepared because of this. It pretty much covers everything you need to know. Yep.

1. If you’re taking a flight that’s more than say, oh I don’t know, about 4 hours long (like a 14 hour flight and then a 7 hour flight), bring a toothbrush in your carryon. Huge mistake not too! My teeth felt like sandpaper by the time we made it to Bali. (Sorry for the unpleasant visual.) Let’s just say I didn’t make that mistake on the trip home.

2. They don’t really use wash cloths in Bali. So if you want one in your hotel room, you have to call the front desk and request a “face towel.” It’s best to do this about 15 minutes before you actually need it, rather than getting in the shower, realizing you don’t have one, searching around the bathroom for it, and then using a hand towel out of desperation.

3. If you have curly hair, don’t even bother bringing a straightener. You’ll get there and find out it was just extra weight in your suitcase. Ha.

4. Supposedly some of the best coffee in the world is from Bali. And it’s because the beans are pooped out by a cat. Let me say that again… POOPED OUT BY A CAT. No, I didn’t have the guts to try it. But my mom did, and she said it was really good, so I’ll just take her word for it!

5. If you go to any tourist location where there are monkeys, don’t wear glasses. Or earrings. And watch your cell phones and small cameras. Apparently the monkeys like souvenirs, too. Oh and don’t wear yellow, either. My dad wore a yellow shirt and it resulted in a monkey jumping on his back and trying to bite the shirt. Hilarious for everyone else watching, but my dad didn’t enjoy it so much ;)

6. Bartering is a part of every day shopping in Bali. If you’re not good at bartering, you can still usually get at least a few dollars off whatever it is you’re trying to purchase. Conveniently though, my family has somewhat mastered that art, and we came away with some great deals!

7. Wear sandals to the beach. This probably doesn’t apply to just Bali, and anyone who lives near a beach might be rolling their eyes… but for this mountain living girl, I quickly found out that walking onto the hot sand during the middle of the day in bare feet to play beach volleyball is a bad idea!

8. If you love juice, you will not find better juice than what they serve in Bali. It’s literally freshly pressed every day. I almost died when I ordered my first glass of orange juice. And I continued to ordered orange juice with every meal thereafter. Not even joking. (I’m salivating just thinking about it.) Best juice I’ve ever tasted in my life!!!

9. Bali is a beautiful place for a wedding! (Kind of a no brainer, I know.)

Here’s a little sneak peek of Taka and Mao’s wedding!! Yes, I already posted one on Facebook, but I couldn’t help sharing just one more. Then again, can you blame me? It was such a beautiful wedding for a wonderful couple…

Happy Weekend!

Linda Benson - October 19, 2012 - 4:40 pm

Can’t wait for the blog!!

jodi - October 19, 2012 - 4:48 pm

so freakin’ jealous!!

Celia Lutz - October 20, 2012 - 4:10 pm

Well, since we were there, too, I can concur with all Carissa said!! What a beautiful place to have a beautiful wedding. Can’t wait to see your pics from the wedding! Enjoyed our time together!