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Natalie Aundrea

On October 15, 2013 my life changed forever. After almost 9 months of waiting, our little girl is finally here!! Natalie Aundrea was born at 8:34pm last Tuesday. It was the most painful, exciting, intense, and gratifying experience I’ve ever had, if words can even describe it. To say she is perfect would be an […]

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Homestead and Zermatt Resort Wedding: April + Jeremy

She had meticulously planned out every last detail, complete with a spreadsheet timeline, homemade chalkboard signs, and comfy, sparkly shoes to go with her gorgeous wedding dress. And now that the day was finally here, April sat cheerfully getting her hair done. She also couldn’t help but double check that her bridal party had something […]

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A Very Good Week

Last week? Now that was a very good week! Why you ask? Well for starters, I hit the 37th week in my pregnancy, so Natalie is now considered full term! Even though there’s still two weeks until the due date now, she’s totally healthy could be here anytime. CRAZY. Next, my oldest brother Carl came […]

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