2.5 Years

This weekend marked two and a half years of marriage for us. People don’t normally celebrate half year marks, I know. And we didn’t really celebrate it, actually. It was just another Saturday, complete with a little house cleaning and then pancakes before you had to leave for work and I had a photo shoot. But as I looked at the calendar and mused to myself about the date, I remembered how I’d had a blog post planned on our actual anniversary, and why it had never been published… the phone call that my mom had cancer. I winced at the memory, but was quickly overcome again by immense thankfulness for her recovery. Then I began to reminisce over everything that has happened this year, and I was overwhelmed with love and support as I thought back over how steadfast and encouraging you’ve been. Through everything, really. Not just my mom’s cancer, but how you’ve been there through all the stuff that happened, and is still happening this year. Which then brought me back full circle to the blog post that was never published. (Like that train of thought analysis?)

So I’m writing it now. Because it needs to be said.

Jake, I need you to know how much I need you. How much I cherish you. Respect you. Care for you. How, without you, my world would spin right off its axis. Because even though right now it spins a little faster than I’d like at times, you keep it spinning in the right direction, holding me steady when the dizziness tries to knock me over. You are the constant in my life, a blessing from God that I’m not sure I deserve, but one that I will forever be grateful for.  And so I need you to know that I love you, that I have loved you since the day almost nine years ago when you first told me you loved me (yes, even though at the time I denied it), and that I will continue to love you more every day until the moment I leave this earth.

Happy 2.5 years, Roo. Forever and Always.

Special thank you to Heather Nan for taking these photos of us!! While I’m not one for posting a bunch of pictures of myself, this fall was the first time since our wedding that Jake and I have had a real shoot, and I sure love what Heather captured. And, well, this seemed like the right kind of post to share some :)